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Slovenia closing doors to refugees

Slovenia may allow police to seal the borders to migrants and refugees in case of a new migration crisis affecting the country.

The Slovenian government approved on the 5th of January amendments to the law regarding foreigners that will permit police forces to deny entry in Slovenia to migrants and refugees, without considering their asylum claims.

The measure may be adopted only for a short period of time and in exceptional circumstances.

Slovenian Minister of the Interior Gyorkos Znidar said that “the new legislation will be used only if migration would be endangering the public order and internal security of Slovenia.”  

The Slovenian Parliament will have now to ratify the proposal.

Amnesty International (AI) urged the Slovenia Parliament to reject the amendments.

“Stripping people fleeing for their lives of their right to claim asylum and pushing them back at the border is a breach of international and EU law,” AI said.

Neighbouring Austria and Hungary adopted similar legislation in 2016.

Around 500,000 migrants and refugees transited through Slovenia in 2015 and 2016, on their way to northern Europe.


Photo: Amnesty International

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