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Europeans Concerned Migration Increases Risk Of Terrorism

According to new findings published by the Pew Research Center, many Europeans hold views about refugees that are associated with terrorism and economic burden.

“The refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism are very much related to one another in the minds of many Europeans,” the research finds.

The survey was conducted in 10 EU countries (Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, The United Kingdom, France and Spain), between April 4 and May 12, 2016. The populations of the countries surveyed account for 80% of the total EU population.

The survey results show that “in eight of the 10 European nations surveyed, half or more believe incoming refugees increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country.”

In addition, half or more people in five nations say refugees will take away jobs and social benefits from the national population. “Hungarians, Poles, Greeks, Italians and French identify this as their greatest concern,” the research reveals.

However, Sweden and Germany are the only countries where more than half of the population believe that refugees make their country stronger because of their work and talents.

The Pew Center survey shows that in general, negative attitudes towards existing Muslim minorities living in the participatory countries, increase the consequential negativity towards refugees that are from majority-Muslim countries like Syria and Iraq.

Many Europeans surveyed think that the newly arrived refugees might increase the threat of terrorism, but they do not associate that threat with the Muslims already living in Europe.

The survey showed results also demonstrate that “the refugee crisis has brought into sharp relief deep ideological divides over views of minorities and diversity.”

The majority of Europeans who were concerned about the ‘risks’ of the influx of refugees, also place themselves on the right of the ideological spectrum, according to the report.

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