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Cash assistance in Greece: An overview

Several non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and international agencies, including UNHCR, are distributing cash cards in Greece as part of an ongoing humanitarian aid project funded by the European Union.

The program aims to support families and individuals over 18 years old to meet basic needs for food, clothing, transportation, hygiene products and other essential items.

Cash cards will be gradually distributed at all official locations, and the agencies involved will offer more details about how to use the cards and the amount of cash that will be provided.

The calculated amount is based both on the size of the family (each family will get a single card) and other criteria, for instance, whether food is provided at the site where you are hosted.

The cash amount will vary from from 90 euros a month (for individuals over 18 years old) to 330 euros a month (family of seven or more) in sites where meals are provided.

In sites where meals are not provided it will range from 150 euros a month (individuals over 18 years old) to 550 euros a month (family of seven or more).

Who can access the cash assistance:

  • You have to be a registered resident in the location where the cards are being issued;
  • You must have either a pre-registration or a full registration document issued by the Asylum Service; or you have to be in possession of any other valid document issued by Greek authorities (for instance, a valid police note).

Who can not access cash assistance:

  • If you are not in possession of a valid document issued by Greek authorities;
  • If you are under 18 years old and unaccompanied. In this case, please contact the agency providing cash assistance at your location;
  • You are already receiving cash assistance from another agency at a different site;
  • You are working for UNHCR or for an NGO;
  • You are working legally in Greece and you have a stable monthly income that exceeds the amount provided by the cash assistance program.

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